June 13, 2007

Premier blog

A friend just invited me to subscribe to her blog, with great respect if Maria can do it why can't we?

SO, your invited, at the bottom of the page there is a button you can click on to subscribe to our blog, it is simple to do and you will then get an email (I think) inviting you to click through and visit our blog everytime we post anything new.

Assuming there is anything new.... I will endeavor to be an active blogger, that is to post short notes, photos, and maps to buried treasures....interesting stuff. If this works, it will replace the journal that we have been posting and bring us into the 21st century.

We are resting today.

We have been resting for one week and will continue to rest for another week. Seth, Dan's brother, and his family (5) are here and delightfully distracting our attentions to more important things (food, wine and sun).

Then we will go back to a crazed schedule for the month of July as we wrap up this chapter of our Martel life and start the next. Our house is sold and the new owners move in July 31st, so we move out by then.

In our role as "serial dwellers" we move. We search, we nest, we call it home and then we move and search again. It's nice when there is an overlap, it's even nicer when the move is less than 100 meters and downhill. So as the next chapter unveils itself, into the home we call RD2 (rue Droite 2), we will slide down the street, climb the stairs and contrast and compare two lives separated by one boulangerie.

As happens, what starts out as a sows ear of a house, develops into a relative castle in this case. As the finishes are completed it all starts to look less like a construction site and more like a home, the stone floors and the rich centuries old wooden beams are glowing with warmth and age. We have learned some plaster techniques which render a wall so smooth that it makes my eyes roll back in my head. As the windows get cleaned we discover views that stir the soul.

We are very excited about living there, fully aware that the process of the change will be slow, hot and too full of tourists wondering why we are carrying a couch down the street.

Am I breaking any blogging rules by waxing too poetic?

OK, I'll work on attaching a photo and figuring out how to "publish" this!?

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LisaLemony said...

Hi kids! This is all too... high tech! I confess I don't think I successfully subscribed but we will see! Great to hear from you. I'm sorry you're working so hard but I can't wait to see the new digs. Love, Lisa

Alex said...

Looking forward to reading the latest POD tales (you really should be PODcasting with that moniker, however ;-) on my phone now that I've figured out how to read my blogs that-a-way! Guess I'll have to get one of these things going myself so I won't have to spam half the free world with emailed videos of our bun on the way.

Bon matin,

Oncle Al

Anonymous said...

Joe on the boat --
Poor old knees ... but the stones look great ! Here's to an event filled July and success in moving into the new castle. Peace + Love = Joe + Lisa + Eli + Beau + Macado + the toads of Leona Valley (40 + and counting)

brenda said...

GREAT! I am a virgin blogger so here goes. Love the idea, the tiles look gorgeous--more photos, more photos. I saw the house "before" and believe me to any and all other bloggers--it was a difficult vision! Hard to imagine!
Speaking of visions, I love idea of you carrying the couch down the street but may I suggest putting it on a bedframe with wheels?
Any fetes coming up?

The Chaos said...

Plaster techniques that make your eyes roll back in your head???!!! DAN, I command thee to share!!!
You know I LOVE me some plaster!
Glad you all are blogging'll notice that Willy and I are called The Chaos for some reason (I think he has an account on here already, but now you know who The Chaos is)We are moving out to the farm on July 31 as well and then maybe we will have a blog of our own nesting process as the barn we are moving into is one beige place...
Lots of love

BK said...

Hey Guys: This is my first blog entry. Is the 21st century all that it is cracked up to be? Lets all move to Martel. Gail and I already working on our next trip. Morocco was just magical. Next stop Turkey and Jordan or maybe southern India. Best of luck with the new house. I'm sure it will beautiful. BK

Lorraine said...

You are born to blog. I know how hard you two are working. I came back with a new appreciation for faux finishes. Painting stipes is nothing compared with what you guys are doing.
But, I did love my week in Martel and a chance to walk in your world.
Plus I can add international plastering experience to my resume.
Love to all,

G&C said...

Blog on with your bad self! We look forward to feeds of streaming consiousness. Conley requests a plaster job when we are there in September.A small job. I would like to watch.
Happy trails into the blogisphere.
G & C

Robert Pirtle said...

Hey you Podei! Be advised that after 60 years of carpentry, plumbing, heating, roofing, wallboarding, brick laying, tiling, electrical work, gardening, cabinetry, finish carpentry, concrete pouring, high climbing, unicycle riding, Limerick writing, Indian law, U.S. Supreme Court arguing, fencing, jitterbugging, tap dancing, hiking, photography, leathercraft, welding steel, aluminum, stainless steel, sculpturing, etc., we have sold our home on Mercer Island and now move to Trilogy on Redmond Ridge to live a life of ease...but don't hold your breath. Or you could build us a suite in your new digs. Love. Jennifer and Robert