July 30, 2007

heavy sigh

Good morning RD2

The third morning waking up in the new house....everything is different.

I recall vividly, 2 years ago, near the beginning of our efforts here, having the opportunity to be inside this house at dawn. I was here to let in the concrete contractor who was here to pour our gypsum floors, and while I waited I walked slowly around the house until I came upon what was to become our bedroom window and the rising sun outside of it. I have been visualizing that sunrise for more than the two years we have already owned this home, and it was a sublime moment to see it this slippers!

I'm not sure this house is all that we thought it would be, or more? It is too early to tell...boxes everywhere, silverware in the wrong drawer, coffee on one side of the room and filters on the other...we have our work cut out for us. Yesterday we (Pat) finished cleaning out the corners of our last home and moving the dust down the street here. Tomorrow we sign the papers and give away the keys. Today we nest. So far gravity played the biggest role in where our stuff landed and now it's time to be more deliberate. It seems our life is occupied by too many chairs and too much art! rugs rolled and stuff stacked, missing mugs and boxed books! But these are good things. and perhaps if we wait long enough unpacking each box can have an aire of Christmas morning...? It's strange to work on a home for two years, to caress each wall into a smooth state and each stone into a unique reflection of time and then to apply one's life to the canvas. There are books to place on those waxed walnut shelves and paintings to hang in front of those 1000 year old stones and sacre blue, nails to drive into the venetian plaster walls to give home to lesser works of art! It will all sift out and we are very happy to have this chore in front of us; trying to take our time, putting the furniture on wheels until it finds it's own feng shui.

Meanwhile, Martel is in full summer swing, minus the heat. The french tourists are packing their bags and leave Paris tomorrow, the August holiday. We await them, hidden behind our doors, windows opened letting out our own blend of bad music and NPR podcasts. Oscar is enjoying the move, he is between "best friends" and is all ours. The first night in the house he put up a sign on his door that said the french equivalent of "keep out" "anyone over 9.5 years"...then as I left (after gaining permission to enter) he said "leave the door opened and come check on me after I fall asleep". A wonderful contradiction of (in)dependence.

We went to watch a stage of the Tour de France last week, crazy and fun. It's much easier to watch on TV, but now we feel we understand the spirit of it all a bit more wholly. Here is a link to a video capturing the 40 seconds of excitement as it passed:
Just to prove we were there.

So it is with a heavy sigh that we conclude "the shift", happy to be in our new home and overwhelmed by the task behind us.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the move to your "new" digs! Hope the church bells outside your bedroom window are not keeping you up!

Keep sending us family news and photos. I love seeing all the architectural details. And Oscar is so tall! Great video of the tour de France - felt like I was standing next to Pat, with Dan and Oscar's voices in the background.
Love to you all,
Margie & the boys