July 7, 2007

Schools Out!

This is what happens when your (newly) fifth grader takes himself to the barbershop! I suppose it is a la' mode. Now he kinda looks like all the other french kids boppin' around the school yard. Yes the year just finished, yesterday, and all is well. He finished with great grades especially considering that at Christmas he jumped from 3rd grade into 4th. His teacher was impressed with his "unexpected ability" and she gave everyone kisses as they left her classroom for the last time. We have been so very fortunate that Oscar has really liked all 4 of his french teachers.

So now onto summer. It is a short summer for kids in France. In our department (county) due to the 4 day school week the summer is only 7 weeks long. Most of Oscars friends, like most of the french in general, go away for the month of August, but not us! We'll be nesting in the new house and spending time with the Parisians who come to Martel for the summer. We are still waiting for the truly hot weather, so far it has been California mild, fortunately as the month of July continues to be one of hard work and little play.

Seth and Stephanie and Isabelle, Phoebe, William and Claudine were in Martel for a nice long vacation. They kind of took care of the spiritual part of our move. We carried the couch and the dining room table down the street and had our first dinner there. The room fills up nicely! All that's left is the clutter that makes up our actual lives.

Come carry a box!


meghan said...

OSCAR!! Oh my God.
He was so small the last time I saw him. Mac n Cheese.
Good Lord.

seth said...

Love the new haircut, Oscar. Vraiment beau!

J Dub said...

Wow.... whose the teenage kid in the photo?
"recent" Photo of pat obviously a hoax, must be about ten years old or else she has escaped the aging process.. (the cheese perhaps?)

glad you guys are all well....
love, jortdan et rebecca

willy said...

Love the bandito outfits, what makes cities "twins" anyway?


mmg said...

Awesome - and I have no doubt that the Mayor of Tequila will be thrilled that the local french kids have embraced Mexico's bandito culture. Too good. Hope the Tequila town is hooking you up with some complimentary agave samples!

Great snap with the lanterns!