July 8, 2007


Inch by Inch
Step by Step
Room by Room

That always takes me back to a three Stooges gig......but lately it's our life, not the stooges part, but our current pattern with the renovations.

Today was Sunday, still is in fact, and between the violent thunderclaps, boxes got packed and the new kitchen took a few more steps towards fulfillment. The gas grill got tuned, the counter edges cemented in to an aspect of finished, the last cabinet drawers slid into place (after some modifications to accommodate the imposing drain pipes). A Bathroom drain got mortared into place, a mail slot was excavated into the front stone wall so that our bills can find a home, some Cosmos were planted.

Every day is bringing some signs of completion. Every day it is even easier to imagine our lives in the spaces we've created. Every day we all get a bit more excited for the "next thing". Martel is full of tourists wondering what the noise is coming from our open windows, sometimes it's NPR podcasts, sometimes it's grinders and drills and sometimes it's the contented voices of POD trying out the spaces. There was a wedding today in the church outside our windows, we took up positions in the high windows and spied on the comings and goings. The bells celebrating the occasion so rancourously as to drown out even Willie Nelson on the stereo. No we turned him off for the event, but those bells are so loud, it was no competition to the dying art of a french wedding.


seth said...

How about a picture of the mail slot? If I send you a package will you have to take out more stones?

mmg said...

How can it be a year since we were in the hood?