August 6, 2007

A day at the Movies

I had such fun making the panoramic photo of the Kitchen, only to be asked for movies!! So without cleaning or calling for extras I spun around a few rooms to share the moment.

Video of the Salon:

Video of the Kitchen:

Video of your room:

I must say I feel so 21st century to be uploading to youtube. After watching every clip of Eddie Izzard, then Cirque du Soleil's Wheel of Death from Ka, and various moments from the Daily show, it's humbling to put a video of your wife on line. What an amazing way to while away the days!!!

My first thought on posting the videos was guarded, I wanted to save the surprise, wait for the moment.... but then.... I thought that we might entice a visit instead. It's strange, when we show the house to someone both Pat and I want to be a part of the tour, to watch the faces, to hear the expressions...the contrast to the gasps of horror on the faces of the tours we gave two years ago. Not too many people had seen the place before, which is important. I have selected a half dozen before photos and want to hang them in the positions they were taken, at the entrance to each room, to get the point across of what we have done. Six pictures must be worth 6000 words, right?

Come see for yourselves, or wait for the movie.


seth said...

Thanks for the movies! the place is, of course, looking great. I like where you put the upper cabinet in the kitchen (next to the microwave nook).

I also like the idea of the L couch being at a 45-degree angle. Brilliant ! Who's idea was that?

jim brewer said...

what a creative and aesthetic life you lead! thanks for sharing, and thanks for the hi-tech inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the master bath nor the new front entry so don't stop now! we love you's GG