August 1, 2007

Welcome to our Kitchen

I finally figured out how to use the "panorama mode" on our new digicam, funny how it lets you repeat the subjects. Sorry the image is clipped off on the right side, but if you double click on the image, it will open it up large enough to see the details, details, details and you can even pan right and find Daniel. And to be fair...Pat is not that blurry in real life and Daniel hasn't lost his right arm, pictures can lie!

So here is the kitchen. We already miss the last one! We had such a rare opportunity there to convert the giant walk-in fireplace into a large cooking area, that anything would be too small in comparison. We did manage to bring the "no-back-burners" idea to this kitchen, and added a yet untested BBQ in the wall behind it (behind the righter Oscar). The wall behind Daniel was plastered and had the frames of two cabinets, we removed all that and discovered the brick arch and the walnut lintels. The sink is to the right of the center Pat and then there is a small table over by the cute french couple on the left. Directly next to them is the door to the yard and the town center beyond.

Tonight is August 1st, and a Wednesday, so there is a dance underway, a new set of tourists, all the regulars, a few locals and more accordion music than you could possibly enjoy (unless you fall into one of the aforementioned groups). We have as well started a vacation mode. Still working a few hours a day, unpacking and arranging our lives constantly, but in a different mindset. A friend came by for coffee and I felt unusually at ease, no drive to wrap it up and return to pressing matters, somehow the social work was the work, the pleasure in it had/has returned. Not that we hadn't been enjoying life as we plowed through it, but changing the page on the calendar has had a profound affect this month. I found myself gazing out the window today,,,twice! And it's quite the view from way up there on the third floor, with a full moon and clear skies...I feel like I can see you from here!

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