September 13, 2007

New Tricks

Old dog!
So what else is new? I rented an accordeon today. I guess I got tired of telling Oscar he should strap one on and with the help of Pat calling my bluff, I signed up for accordeon classes and one thing led to another and now I have a 40 pound accordeon strapped where my laptop oughta be. It's been a dream I didn't know I was having, first to learn an instrument, second that it should have an impossible number of buttons on it. First class next month, till then I'm supposed to get used to the feel (or immense weight) of it. New Trick!

Oscar on the other hand is sticking to his featherlight Yamaha classic 3/4 guitar. This will be his second year and either we are pretty convincing as parents, or he is finding some sort of pleasure in it. All I know is that whenever you ask an accomplished musician when they started playing they reply with single digits! In fact I suppose that goes for most accomplishments of any sort, athletes, artists, actors, and that's just the A list! What does that leave us for options in our old age??? Oscar could become an architect.... a chef.... a builder of cardboard homes (bad image there)....His latest is that he wants to be a "food critic"! I'm serious, this is a kid that limits his list of edibles to a few dozen things, half of which are various pasta shapes! He is actually scared of vegetables and fruits, no berries, no tropical fruits, nothing near to an onion....But I'm getting carried away, it's a battle that we feel needs to be fought soon as what patterns aren't set are quickly being set. We have started a new campaign, and it actually showed some progress tonight, he ate new food at dinner (meat loaf, don't laugh it was good!), he even tried a bite of green tomato. So voila another new trick! He even came home from school with a note about his improved behavior!! Another new trick!

So just when everything seems to stay the same, things change, left becomes gauche, and right becomes droite, unless it's droite then it's straight, not right, and all the while it sounds the same as the word for finger, so I avoid pointing anywhere but left with my finger lest I get confused. There are obviously some tricks I have yet to master.

Oscar may indeed become a food critic someday, more from watching his parents obsess over 5 euro bottles of wine, and taste testing creme fraiche, than an inate curiosity of the edible enviornment...but whatever gets you to passion, right!?

We are settling in to the off-season, getting geared up and into projects around the house. We think that if we play our cards right this project can keep us busy for another year before we need to worry about what to do next. Oscar is settled in at school, volleyball clubs and choral groups are reconvening after a summer hibernation, and the air is crisp, warning us of what is to come. Still summer!


seth said...

I can't believe you are going to learn to play the accordion! That is awesome! If that big bad boy is too heavy maybe you can get one of those little tiny ones (concertina?). Next thing you know you will be painting impressionist paintings and smoking :)

Gayle said...

Old Dog where are you? No blog updates of winters arrival? Although I did enjoy the election email!
Write soon! GG