October 28, 2007



1. felt through others
2. one part of the body doing what the other ought
3. arrival of winter

I kind of made up the last one.
It’s like a virtual winter, it’s still October, but it’s dark and cold.

This morning marks the end of the season perhaps, a season that has been replete of guests. Our calendar forward is empty of highlights and we can settle down, warmed by the shadows and footprints of friends.

There’s really nothing ‘vicarious’ about it. It’s as first hand as it gets, more of ‘pleasure brought by others’. And while that is nothing so extraordinary, it is for us as it defines the background. Sort of making us see the faces that define the vase.

Our lives here are certainly something on there own, but given context, witness, time, maybe even some different purpose by the presence of others.

We have put small photos of our house here and there, ‘before’ shots, pasted to the door frames and walls in the position they were taken 2 years ago. The idea is to give context. If the tree falls without a witness does it make a sound? Somehow that’s going on here, we need the witness to what we have done for us to understand it.

Defined by others…hmmmm?…’s starting to sound like a psychological disorder. I think that we just like to share and to stay connected.

Having guests is great. It gets us to the ‘fisherman’s wharf’s’ of France, those places you never go without guests, only to be surprised by how fun it is to eat chowder out of a sourdough loaf. This region is so full of things to see and do that we’ll never find the bottom of the list. Sharing this with friends is wonderful but perhaps the most sublime is the moments of sharing old friends with new friends. We see the similarities, the continuity of the friends we make and the friends we keep. We often draw the parallels, ‘someone would really like someone’, or ‘really acts like that person’, or ‘looks just like soandso’. Kind of like everything has changed and stayed the same at the same time.

Same soup, different flavor.

The flavors here are autumnal, crisp and deliberate. Full of strong contrasts and wonderful light. I have always thought how extraordinary autumn is everywhere in the world. It’s the best time to be away and the best time to be home, the quick time between winters and summers, full of promise and memories, new friends and old, bright reds and gold. We’re happy to be here. Living our lives vicariously through you, and essentially right here!

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seth said...

enjoying your autumn vicariously :)