November 13, 2007

Life's a beach

School's out. So we loaded up the bags and hopped a train to Marseille.
5 hours and a lifetime away. It was 15 degrees warmer, and like a different France.
Marseille is perhaps like Oakland, a real melting pot of the world. It seemed that every shape and size of human
co-exists there in relative harmony, unlike the homogeneous sud-ouest of our Martel, there is a wonderlful mix of cultures
all working off of each other and creating a vibrant city. I'm not certain that, had we started there, we might have stayed there.
But it was autumn, and the beaches were warm and the food was good, so perhaps it's an unfair conclusion.
We remain pleased as punch with out little town.

We spent most of our 5 days around the old parts of town, but did take a boat trip out to tour the
calenques (fiords) along the coast east of Marseille.

Just far enough out to sea to remind us why we prefer the land. The landscape was other-worldly,
it was hard to believe we were 5 hours from home.

The beaches were all rocky, but the sun was warm. We made it into the crystal clear water up to our knees but that
was only because it never occurred to us to bring bathing suits to the beach in November.
So we settled for rock sculptures instead.

Oscar's school schedule continues to delight us with 10 days off three times a year, well
worth the cost of a shortened summer. With so many destinations within easy travel distance
we are doing well at taking advantage of the opportunity. Next perhaps Spain only hours to the south.
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