November 13, 2007


Part One of Marseille
(photos I couldn't figure out how to post below)

The beach reminded us of San Francisco beaches;
People swimming and others wearing parkas!

We rented bikes and spent the days riding up and down the coast.
These Bikes are great, they are free rentals paid for by the ad revenue from all the civic
bus shelter ads and kiosks. They are well maintained and available for pick up and drop off all over the city.
This is a new phenomenon in French cities, available in Paris, Lyon, and half a dozen others. A city planner's dream.

Back home, we went to tour a pre-history site 20 minutes away. Several amazing Dolmens and a cave where
they have discovered the remains of hundreds of wooly mammoths. They call it the oldest butcher shop of mankind(?)

And back in the kitchen we tried our first real meal on the kitchen BBQ. Funny photo, nothing is straight, in fact the grill behind
sets down into a level position once the coals are ready, and the photographer too!
We grilled Oysters with a recipe from Drago's in New Orleans, and then French pork chops. It was a great success,
despite the panicked look from the french girl in the photo, a bit of smoke, a bit of smell from the charcoal lighter,
then voila!
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ljwyman said...

Love the in house BBQ ... have you tried pizza yet ? Sure wish I could a French girl to cook for me ...