December 20, 2007

Christmas Spirit

The local favorite restaurant is hosting a holiday meal tomorrow night. It is a fundraiser for Oscar's class at school and the kids are doing the cooking and serving! I spent today helping them prep, ten kids in the kitchen making Buche de Noels (yule logs) and turkey stuffed pastries, smoking a salmon for the appetizer and mixing up the house aperitif of wine and cherry syrup with kirsch and sugar, a "Griotte".

Meanwhile the 20 or so who will be "serving" the meal, were prepping the dining rooms and asking questions like "what's the big fork for? and why does everyone need a napkin? I expect the food to be good under the watchful eye of a very talented chef, but I'm afraid that if the food ever arrives at the table, it will be cold or upside down, or dropped in my lap at least. 20 9 and 10 year olds?!?

Oscar has come home glowing after the past two (half) days of cooking. Proud of his new found abilities in the kitchen,
like pealing potatoes and making soup in a 22 litre batch!

Meanwhile continued progress on the Tour de Martel. The painting is done with the exception of the areas that got messed up, and the moniker on the sides. The steering is waiting for an OxyAcetylene torch to make a crucial bend and the bike breaks cum soap box freinage are almost complete!
(Did you realize, I didn't, that you can double click on any of the photos
and they open up full screen!)
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