January 31, 2008

Parenting 101

SO who knew!? After our 100th box of kleenex and our umpteenth purchase of handkerchiefs, we thought perhaps it was time to see a doctor about Oscar's alleged "allergies". While we knew it wasn't a cold any more, and he has gotten quite used to carrying three kerchiefs in his various pockets, we thought medical intervention was a long shot. The local doc said something akin to "mon-dieu" and sent us packing to an "allergeologe". He did the skin test and diagnosed our poor boy to a fleet of allergies; Dust, Dog & Cat it seems. I tried to pay him to include World War two movies, but he didn't understand, perhaps you don't either (Oscar can't get enough of YouTube war videos these days). Anyhow, the doctor also did a lung test and determined that he was getting about 75% of the oxygen he should be getting! *&!$!!#

He's on the mend now, the doctor gave him three perscriptions (because they always give three), and starting next month we begin a 3 year desensitization process which will involve a sublingual spray every morning, a Binaca Blast for the soon-to-be-ten set. He's incouraged that he might get to have a cat someday, and we got to use this as an excuse to wash his blankie and stuffed animals!

No one told us we had to be watching for this sort of thing! We make certain he wears a jacket when it's cold and eats vegetables with dinner. He knows what a napkin is for and brushes his himself!.
So much for getting any parenting award this year!...
Maybe next year???
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