February 7, 2008

A perfect ten

Which time zone to observe? That’s the question of the day. Oscar awoke at 7:30 and opened his first gift, and then aimed for his next gift at 4:30 (7:30 California time) his debut moment. After dinner I reminded him that he had yet a third present to open and he informed me that that was for tomorrow, and that then the one from his grandmother was for the next day and then his birthday party….. “Why blow it all at once?”....he reminded me how he carefully timed Christmas morning so that it took all day…remember dad? So gifts remain, and so do we.

He’s a nice kid at ten, all kid, there’s just a hint of baby still there and even some jumbled together morsels of adult. I like him most of the time….easily.

We asked him about school this evening, and he told us about Fanny, a girl I have actually already promised him to, sitting behind him in class acting “tok-tok” or crazy to the English speaking audience. He expounded that she always sits behind him and that she always is tok-tok, which in her case means she “makes funny noises all the time”. We tiptoed along, acting just interested enough to keep him talking without being too interested and losing the thread. He explained that his reaction is to slowly turn around and give her a look. He showed us the look, the look was marvelous, I fell in love with him all over again, exactly ten years since the first time I looked into his eyes and fell in love. It was soft, and funny, and flirtatious well beyond his ten years. I wanted to explain this all to him and tease him about having a girlfriend and tell him that that is how love starts….but…. I’m telling you instead.

Oscar Pieter McBain, ten years old!
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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday - or is it Bon Anniversaire?


Sky City said...

I can't believe he's ten.
I must be in denial about the passage of time.
I love this blog and the pic. Say Hi and Happy Birthday (belated!) to Oscar for me.