April 22, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Firstly and lastly, we are very glad to be home!

We took a road trip last week and while it started well it ended with a rain filled whimper.

We drove 6 hours towards the Mediterranean and arrived in Avignon to sunny skies and an adventure on a houseboat, the Peniche QI. It was fun and comfortable enough, but the water on the boat was not clean enough to drink, and by the time we were told, it was too late. Oscar and Daniel fell to the first bout of travellers sickness since we started travelling 5 years ago. The rest of the trip was a blur of hotel rooms turned infirmaries and few sights or meals in between. I'd complain, but who'd listen? We consider ourselves fortunate to have the opportunity to get travellers sickness in the first place, we just want to get better!

The rain tried to dampen the adventure as well, there is flooding all around us as the water levels rise and the April showers continue. It is always nice to return home, to convalesce in ones own home. Martel is slowly winding up into the tiny tourist corner that it loves to be. Check out this short news program, in french, all about our town:,,3525224,00-marches-martel-dans-lot-.html#

And if you know the Famous-in-France song Sur le Pont de Avignon, then you will know there is something weird and magical about dancing on this famous bridge that used to connect the Pope to his Cardinals:
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