June 28, 2008


The new front door is done! Well almost, we are still searching for the poignee, the door knob, which by means of a metal rod will operate the latch. There is a lock, and it has been oiled with used cooking oil (as the locals do it). Somehow in the photo it looks awfully low, but it's really high enough that it feels comfortable to walk through.

We are basking in the approving "chapeaus" from the neighboors, and the continued surprise from friends who never quite got the idea of the described "new door made from old floorboards". The wood is 100 year old Walnut, the frame is 1000 year old stone,..... PINCH ME!
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Anonymous said...


The door, the flowers, the arch - looks great.

Now, is there a buzzer or something like that? Or do you just throw the keys out the window if you don't feel like walking down stairs to open the door for visitors?


Alex Wise said...

That is an amazing looking arch there, D! Hope we get to marvel on it in person one of these days sooner than later (when the dollar starts to climb back up to a reasonable rate again?)