November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving and extra maps

We decided to simplify my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, by celebrating one day early and by not inviting anyone. A huge success!  Somehow removing what little pressure there is associated with this day of days made it one of the best yet. We did invite a few, Linda and her two grown kids and Oscar's friend Tony (he represented the french indians to our american pilgrims). We cooked a large turkey breast and I stuck two large chicken legs on the sides so it even looked Rockwellian. I was surprised when I unwrapped the chicken legs, as the butcher had sold me two right legs, so my faux turkey looked as confused as possible with one leg trotting off in either direction.  Tasty if not ambidextrous!

Dried cranberry sauce (no fresh available)
Smashed potatoes
Pumpkin soup
Roasted roots
and a Pecan (walnut) pie
worth writing home about.

So I'm writing home...and wishing you were here to make it a real turkey event!

Against my rules, I have two shout outs, both gleaned from NPR:

A bunch of smart people got together a couple of years ago and started making "corrected maps" that show the "real world". Population maps, poverty maps, malaria maps, export & import maps, and below the very timely population corrected red state/blue state map. Warning, this kept me busy for an hour!
Click here for incredible maps   
The revised Electoral College map. CREDIT: Mark Newman/University of Michigan
This is a revised map, in which the size of the states has been altered to reflect each state's population, and therefore its election clout.

Another link; again a map. The Lincoln museum created an animated map/timeline of the civil war. It's an amazing 4 minute video with a timeline and a casualty counter for that war of wars.

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