January 24, 2009


Yes we did it!   
Now the world breaths a sigh of relief while we wait with optimistic hearts to see what tricks this newest man behind the curtain has at his disposal.  

Everyone here talks about what an amazing load of misfortune this new president has on his plate, but I am inspired by the general optimism that shines through.  It seems that even Obama's detractors have high hopes, the silver lining to the Bush era.

We had an inaugural ball here in Martel. Some of our French friends took the occasion to declare our house an unofficial American Consulate, and insisted that we should start issuing visas and proclaming stuff!  We were about 50 strong, a handful of Americans in the crowd, mostly French, but a nice international crowd. Everyone attentively watching the ceremonies (6 pm in Martel) and drinking Obamatini's!  Lot's of raucous shouting, and lot's of congratulatory repartie.

We watched the un-ending parade on the big screen into the night, we watched the ever attentive Obama's wave to every American who passed by, then they went onto the Balls while we slept.

We felt very connected to America, very proud to represent her in our adopted land, and a part of the new spirit that's been planted, let's see what grows!

Thanks to our friends Jack and Martine, who don't  appear in any of the photos, because I borrowed the pictures from their blog about us:

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