September 4, 2009


Back to school 2009/10

That's Oscar on the left, and typical copain Francais, Alexi on the right.

This is from yesterday, the first morning of 7th grade (5eme en francais).

The summer felt long and deep, we stayed close to home and received cousins upon cousins, friends upon friends, and even a few strangers. By not traveling we seemed to stretch the 2 month pause into something that actually felt like a two month pause, we worked, watched movies, luxuriated in the gentle weather, drank our mint patch into submission (mojitos) and talked endlessly about the quality of home grown tomatoes.

By the time it was over, Oscar was ready for a return to the patterns of school, asking that we 'help him get back on schedule', asking for a few early nights and mornings to return to a scholastic rythm. After a summer of eating cereal out of the box at 11am, he's back to demanding his limited menu of hot cooked breakfasts "American Style". I need to get back in the practice myself:

San Fransisco Potatoes
Grilled Ham and Cheese
Scambled Eggs
or the favorite "Egg McOscar" (bacon, egg, cheese, lettuce on an english muffin).

His classes this year include: Physics, Math, History, Geography, English, Latin, French and Spanish (plus art, gym and music)! It sounds exhausting, but we'll see how many of those classes are real, how could an 11 year old take physics and latin??? All I remember from 7th grade is softball, machine shop and getting beaten up by Douglas Fairbanks! He'll continue to come home for lunch everyday, he's begging to stop playing the piano (we are discussing a horn of some shape or another). And he is hanging up his basketball shoes for a tennis racket! Change is good, right?

Walls are forming at the project house, along with a few doors, some outlets and some plumbing.... We'll keep you posted.
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