July 11, 2010


It feels like a heat wave and Martel is "en fete"!  This weekend is the annual battle of the bands, known as Bandas, where our tiny town is overrun by marching bands and the throngs of fanatics. Everyone drinks beer or white wine coolers and thumps around enjoying (some more, some less) the songs and antics of the Spanish-Basque music (think marching band).  It started around 8pm last night and finished 24 hours later. They all stop around 3 am to sleep a bit and then restart for the church mass. Soon we will join them for the trophy portion of the weekend.

Click here for someone else's video of Bandas

We have Ed's son Jordan and his two kids, Faye and Dashiell, sharing it with us, so Oscar has playmates, as do Patricia and I.

By day we watch the kids and the Tour de France and by night we compare parenting notes and watch the World  Cup Soccer matches . Oscar and Faye have grown up together since their beginnings, sharing daycare, then preschool, and a lot of co-parenting all the way. They were our neighbors and friends in Oakland and while we now we see them only once a year, the ease at which they (and we) get along is inspiring.

Old friends are priceless and Faye is Oscar's oldest!

Fete's like this are seen through different eyes this summer, it's hard to think of events like these as last opportunities, but they are and there will be new ones populating our days in Bordeaux soon enough. For now we live in the moment, enjoy the heat and the friendships that surround us and try not to worry, or even focus on, the hurdles in the future.... They'll come, we'll jump, and I'll write about it.

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