October 4, 2010


At least the bathroom is white, not to mention big and bright!

This is the dining room, three shades of bright yellow!

This is the terrasse

We love the terrasse, it gives us some outdoor space to BarBQ, and lots of air and light. The plants, for the most part, came with the place, as did all the furniture in the house.  There was so much "personal stuff " in the house that we spent a couple of days putting things in boxes and hiding it all behind that yellow curtain in the guest room photo above. We removed all his personal photos and papers and have been enjoying the process of "consolidating his wine holdings".  Some fun, but mostly overaged whites.  The location is unbeatable, really so very central and yet on a quiet corner. We like it here and will try to call this home for a year or so while we look for our next investment opportunity (fixerupper),

Oscar is doing well at school, Pat's moving fast towards starting an english language tutoring business and I am waiting for clients to find me.  We are happy here.


Anonymous said...

great photos, nice to see. what a transition!

Natalie said...

The place looks beautiful and I'm so glad that you are happy.

Anonymous said...

looks fantastique!