November 9, 2010

Dreaming of Friends

As the dawn crept into my sleep, I fought for my minutes, some dreams, and some lives are too good to wake up from!

I was at my Architecture School class reunion, 23 years in the future, today. There were name tags, there was a loved one, there were best friends, there was even an impossibly tall brunette that never really existed and her name tag proclaimed "MOM", but she wasn't. She reminded me of  Number Six from Battlestar Galactica. Beautiful!

I saw future versions of forgotten people, acquaintances, with whom I have entirely lost contact, grown into their mature faces, for better, but mostly worse. I felt as if I had just come across their facebook photos, but I hadn't, I'd invented the effects of 23 years!  There were friends that are still close, and faces that I know well, and such camaraderie as I am missing here and now.

We were in a professor's house, and damn, it's all slipping away as I type…. What's with dreams and that gossamer quality? For me it's as if it only ever existed in my peripheral vision, and if I turn my head to look it evaporates, like a smile from a pretty face on the train.  Well…it was a nice dream anyhow, I stayed in bed willing it to continue, but the light took it away, and my brain overflowing with inaccurate translations of useless French expressions, swept it out the door, leaving only an image of a tall brunette!

Now, after a cup of coffee, it has the residual effect of making me miss my friends, they were there in the depths of my conscious for a reason, it must be time to reach out.

We are building a new network here in Bordeaux, we continue to move cautiously, but have fun as well. We have a few people we see often, but the POD has certainly refocused with this move to the city. The process certainly makes us appreciate what we don't have, what we have put into storage, and perhaps that which we have elevated from daily relationships to an elite and seldom shared level….too seldom.

Dreams are wonderful, supposedly residue from the day, and apparently a clear reflection of what's important in the mind of the dreamer. I often have such clear…brilliant…ideas that never, in fact, stand up to the light of day.

But it's a nice way to visit!


Anonymous said...

Love the way dreams sometimes stick with you for days or leave you with only the feeling that is left as the imagery dissolves with the morning light. The shift to new surrounds must heighten the sense of distance from friends and the familiar. The increased numbers of ways to keep in touch these days certainly helps bridge those distances.

These shifts from a child's perspective are like those from our generation trying to imagine a world without telephones or tv. Like one of those dreams where things are familiar but somehow not the same.

And after all " is but a dream." your rev. bls

Meghan Adkins said...

I always dream that I live in NOLA house, mostly in rooms and spaces there that don't really exist or are hidden parts that I never go to. Sometimes in the gigantic closet or the bathroom of the attic, or I in the front yard there, on the porch or in the garden behind the Buddha statue or in the back by the cars, looking up at the lights of the kitchen on top. You know we have officially relocated back to Oaktown--got a place in the Oakland hills. Of course its a month to month lease, so any time you call we can jump your writing, Dan.
Keep it up!

Jordan said...

remember, nothing in a dream is accidental... so why battlestar galactica exactly??

Faye Bird said...

The POD,
I love your writing and I can't wait until you come back here in about a month!
Miss you guys,
Cui Cui