March 4, 2012

Back in the saddle

The biggest progress is the healing hand which has me back at work.  I limped along during the 6 weeks of rehab, doing some painting and minor tasks, but now I am back at it full time! 
View from the future kitchen looking West

View of the future kitchen looking East

I have had a chance to fire up the saw that so insulted me, scarry, but a horse I needed to ride again, slower, more deliberately and to fine effect.  We hired some local plasterers to tape the ceilings and next weekend they will paint them. Patricia and Oscar joined the crew and over the past two weeks of school vacation, we made some long strides.  Our move in date has slid from March (it's march) to the end of June!!

Oscar's room looking up into his mezzanine
Oscar got a new camera for his birthday and so we finally have some decent images to share!
looking into Oscar's room
the new toilet room

The winter was a hard one for us, the landscape and handscape were frozen, but it's all thawing and the pending spring is bright!


R said...

Looks like you have been busier than a one handed carpenter. Buh dum dum dum. See what I did there? "One handed carpenter". Chuckle Chuckle Gufaw Gufaw. Please hold the applause folks, I'll be here all week, and don't forget to tip your waitress. Ok, ok, maybe that was in bad taste. The place looks great, can't wait to see it in person. I am always looking for an excuse to come into the city. I would offer to lend a hand, but it seems like both of yours are doing just fine. Pleased to hear it.

Anonymous said...

Jim told me you tried to switch permanently to mittens. Maybe you are more of a hand saw guy...? Glad you are on the mend. As always, great to see pics of your labors. Drank some wine for you out at Stinson last weekend - least I could do.