October 13, 2012

Getting tomorrow right

Returning home, bittersweet.
It was a grand summer, lots of time with family and friends, many connected, a few        missed, but knots retied and memories jogged. We are at a point where its a little bit difficult to be away from France for weeks, but still so easy to be back “in the states”. As we move through others lives it is a challenge to get engaged. We are used to, and comfortable in, our own daily patterns. But for these past weeks we are living strangely, rotating though time zones and cities and schedules of others, and loving lives!  

I need a better book, but when I have tried several "good ones" perhaps its more than a book that I need...a’m afraid of a future without direction.  These dog days of idleness (vacation) are easy insofar as they are a respite from an otherwise busy life. Recently from one challenge and soon to another, but what will happen when Im too old or too stupid to find another goal?  I hope I can find the good books!  I’m finding it hard to read Ayn Rand these days and easier to read Ken Follett, its a matter of easier reading, less subtext.

For now I’m finishing up the apartment and waiting tentatively for the next thing to do. 

I’m growing older, and I can feel it in more than my bones, I can feel it in my head and my heart too.  Dividing by decimels?  Conjugating verbs? Remembering my cell number, or how many r's are in tomorrow.  Too many things that should be easy aren't! And I’m "still young". So I’m anxious, I need to reset. Act my age.

Somehow, I started listening to classical music, driving slower, eating prunes.  My doctors are younger than me and I need my glasses to do anything within arms reach.... Im not ready for this. My 14 y.o. is showing signs of adulthood, more than glimpses, I can feel the pedestal shaking....

I want to be graceful in this evolution, my parents certainly are, and they have a few years on me. 50 could be hard.

I bought new shoes,  $21 and they make me feel 10 years younger!!!!  Somehow the feeling of walking in these new KEDS (for the lack of a descriptive title) makes me feel like a hipster!  Just seeing the tips of my shoes in the low end of my peripheral vision makes me feel like idling away the afternoon in a coffee shop, or like moving in with my parents!  There is no self important click of the heel, its like a soft-shoe to Fred Astaire’s taps, it puts a spring in my step that is missing from my worn in (out) Merrill loafers.  It’s a strange thing, I may need to loosen my belt and try walking around halfway holding my pants up next!  It adds an element to choosing an outfit in the morning...feeling young?, professional?, workerdude?  it can be a tough choice at 7 am!

Oscar is back getting into the rhythm of his first year of high school, he is a sophomore by American standards, but it’s the first of three years at the Lycee level.  He has added Chinese to his Spanish and French, he seems to be enjoying having a secret language to lord over us again and new friends with a new year.  The High school dormitory staff went on strike yesterday, and of the half dozen kids in Oscar’s class that live far enough away from Bordeaux that they only go home on weekends, we had three sleep over due to the strike.  Nice bunch of kids, they all happened to be British, and just the accent makes them seem smart, but when the dinner conversation moved to the role of “sarcasm in Voltaire’s Candide”, I realized we weren’t in Kansas anymore. He is growing up and I am striving to keep up.

Patricia’s is steadily growing, she is getting very confident in her local history and starting to put together a Cheese, Pastry and Wine tour for me to get involved in.  Visit her site, friend her on Facebook, and if she has ever given you a tour, log onto and rate her tour guide abilities, it helps alot.

Oscar and I entered the Bordeaux Photo Marathon for the second year.
Bordeaux Passion

Two days,  300 teams, 5 themes and 4 neighborhoods. Oscar was the photographer and I was his caddy and occasional muse.  

Following are the ten phots he planned out and took, the assigned themes are captioned below the photos.

We found the themes assigned to be too broad, but then we had fun with some of the responses. The combined efforts of a 14 and a 49 year old mind.

Bordeaux Passion
This is a Cannele, a local delicacy, floating above a local church.

Next year we will be prepared with more technical skills, and perhaps have read the owners manual on the camera! 

Start Rolling Kids

 It was exhausting, riding bikes all over the city and looking over our shoulders for art-opportunities. Did I mention the prizes?!  We will keep you posted.

Start Rolling Kids

Bordeaux Ecological
Notice the drop of water
Local Life
Bordeaux Ecological

Neighboors (male and female)

Neighboors (male and female)

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