February 2, 2014

First impressions

This is what we bought.  Our apartment is one of eight in, what used to be, a mansion on the edge of the city park. Our apartment is comprised of the garden and the salon adjacent (plus the kitchen, baths and chambres that we are replacing entirely).
This is where the doors used to be. once upon a time, they were removed and bricked up, and then the small door to the left was cut in to make this apartments front door.
This is what the other apartment doors in the building look like.

This is what I uncovered on the inside when I removed the inner layer of plaster and brick

I found an old pair of doors, salvaged from a nearby home, a perfect fit!  Sanding, painting, fitting 4 pairs of new hinges and adding a biometric lockset.

But old doors are seldom sold intact with thier frame, so I had to make the frame.  I had some fir milled to the correct size and then sharpened Stephanies chisels (long story) and created the mortise and tenons.
Glue and two screws  at each corner and I have a door frame!

I don't know what these anchors are called, but it's how the french connect wood to stone. They are 3" long shooting star shaped metal straps cemented into the stone and then a single screw into the wood
Here is the view of the new doors from the inside.
The new doors from the outside.

The view from the street door, up the steps, through the glass lobby doors and onto our new doors


Les Cazalins said...

wouaouh !!

Les Cazalins said...

Tu fais de belles choses... peut-être que c'est nous qui rachèterons ce bel appartement dans quelques années. On y pense...

Seth said...

Glad those chisels finally came in handy :)

Anonymous said...

These folks need you...


Giovanni said...

When renovating old homes, it's amazing what you come across! Those doors look like they have a long history. We where removing wallpaper in our old house that was built in 1920 and found a secret cubby! Other than being kind of creepy, there was no secret treasure to be found, to my disappointment. Explore your house! You never know what you'll find.