October 5, 2014

Hermit crabs?

We are getting closer to changing homes.  The last few major renovation strokes are finding there way to completion and its getting easier to imagine living here.  Refinishing the floors was a lesson in humility. Once the polyurethane dried I could see my folie.  Sanding floors that have perpendicular grains is not for beginners, and while I have done this a few times, here I should have sought more help than one you-tube video.  I think the correct tool would have been an orbital sander, there are lines everywhere!  but from the photo's view it looks swell.

The handrail is the provisional one that was there before.  We intend to source some old wrought iron, but there is a deadline and this was all on hand, and perhaps a decent modern approach.

Poetry:  this table is made from a door we took out of our first french home more than 10 years ago!  It was next to that roman column we uncovered. Fitting that it be here in this dining room several hundred years younger than that original location.

A birdseye view, showing the LED cove lighting, there is also a coloured strip letting us set the mood, but no disco ball....yet
This is the bathroom, the window was there, but the view was not!

Daniel taking a selfie
Paris always on her mind!

Oscar casting his mind across the atlantic
This is what was happening on our road yesterday.  there is a painting studio there, they closed the road and had an artists session....I gotta get out more!  You gotta click on the photo and appreciate the scene.
This is the neighborhood we are soon leaving, they have been tearing the streets up over the past two years and soon it will all be new and pedestrian friendly, for now it looks like a war zone, the shops are still open, moving around the bulldozers and the dirt as they rewire the ancient quartier with new sewers, lead-free water lines and finer optic cables, next granite pavers and stone sidewalks,  soon we will be tourists in that zone and resting in the upper-crust new neighbourhood.

The changing of shells has been great (with the 20/20 vision of hindsight). While in the process of boxes, it's less fun, but it is often amusing. I brought home flowers from the marche yesterday to find that the vases had already been moved across town!  But that's what jelly jars are for, right?!

Each shedding and rehousing brings to mind all of the past palaces and humble hovels, and I miss things about each and every one!  The Annex on Richmond Place, the flashing antennas on Clark st, the skylights on Valley road, the stairs on Oldham rd, everything about the Cabin in Sharon, isolated moments through school daze, then the rooftops on Golden gate, the windows on Yosemite, the hot tub on Oak Grove, the view on Glen, the simple space of Harrison, the aforementioned roman column on rue Droite, the beams at rue Droite #2, the attic at chez Louise, and the sunlight at what we currently call home!

I wonder what will be my takeaway from this next home, perhaps staring out through the stained glass, or fires in the copper and walnut fireplace? But the real affect of serial habitation is the molding of the future.  I think each home has something to do with all of those that follow. Like the door that continues in our lives as a table, that each experience changes us and that there will be shadows of them all in the next.  So the demenagements make me reflect of the future homes as well as the past. I'm not sure if its getting closer to the sweet pith or if its adding layers and insulating that core?  It's both.  Each home is getting closer to the ideal, towards the "forever home" that one which reflects and resembles..... and insulates.

I've said it before, change is good!  the boxing process even has its merits!