November 19, 2015

Superposed lives

Our boxes arrived today. It was a long trip from Bordeaux, 4 months, as scheduled, just long enough for us to kind of forget what was in there, but not so long as to forget the history attached to each treasure!

Its an interesting thing, kind of the close ) or better the close “.  Some part of us was still there, still in France, still walking in solidarity with the rest of the Bordelaise, grieving the mistakes of Charlie Hebdo and a disenfranchised world. There is not enough change on our fractured planet.

 Our stuff left France a long time ago, before we did, and it had the pleasure of moving at a floating pace, while we had to fly and tear the bonds of gravity and the gravity of our itinerant ways.  But like a bad case of d├ęcalage horaire , jet lag, our here and now has caught up with us and now it is on us to superpose the last 12 years upon the next. Now we have the art and the tools to let us bring that life into this one. Our grieving period is over, we are onto acceptance, we are supposed to know what to do with ourselves now, we are supposed to have rediscovered our patterns.
Yes... I sent my favorite cooking chocolate!

And we have.

Having our stuff catch up with us has simply shaken some of the cobwebs out. and as we pick up some of the bizarre loose change that tumbled out, we are happy and sad and reminded of what an amazing dream we have just awoken from and fallen into.  

45 boxes, this is about half, crazy!!
Those 12 years were great.

Some wine for the spirits.
We are fortunate., just in time for thanksgiving!

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Benjamin Rodefer said...

Which company did you use to move everything from France to the US? I need to ship a large amount of material from my father's studio in Paris and am having a difficult time finding a good option. Thanks. Benjamin Rodefer